Impacts in Natural Language Generation: Workshop Schedule


Tuesday, 25 July 2000
18:00 Arrival, Reception, Dinner
Wednesday, 26 July 2000
08:30 - 08:40 Introduction

Presentations should be up to 30 minutes, leaving at least 10 minutes for discussion.

08:40 - 09:20 Keith Vander Linden, Cecile Paris, and Shijian Lu: Where Do Instructions Come From? Addressing the Problem of Knowledge Acquisition in the Context of Instructional Text
09:20 - 10:00 Manfred Stede, Holmer Hemsen: "Instructing by doing": Interactive graphics- and knowledge-based generation of instructional text
Coffee Break
10:30 - 11:10 Gloria De Salve, Berardina De Carolis, Fiorella de Rosis: Image Descriptions from Annotated Knowledge Sources
11:10 - 11:50 Paul Piwek, Roger Evans, Lynne Cahill, Neil Tipper: Natural Language Generation in the Mile System
11:50 - 12:30 Chris Mellish: Understanding Shortcuts in NLG Systems
Lunch Break
15:00 - 18:00 Burning Issue Discussion, chaired by Chris Mellish, University of Edinburgh: What are reusable modules for NLG?
Thursday, 27 July 2000
08:45 - 12:00 Burning Issue Discussion, chaired by Eduard Hovy, USC/ISI, Los Angeles: The Opportunities and Limits of Statistics-Based Generation
Lunch Break
14:30 - 15:30 Invited Talk: David McDonald, Brandeis University: Parsing to Text Structure: the basis of a reversible natural language generation system
Coffee Break
15:45 - 18:00 Burning Issue Discussion, chaired by Daniel Marcu, USC/ISI, Los Angeles: Summarization and Generation
Friday, 28 July 2000
08:45 - 10:45 Burning Issue Discussion, chaired by Srinivas Bangalore, AT&T Labs - Research, Florham Park NJ: Corpora, Evaluation and Generation
Coffee Break
11:15 - 12:30 Burning Issues Panel Discussion
Lunch, Departure

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